Creating vertical communities.

Listening and connecting.



Sales Representative

eXp Realty Brokerage

collinrichardyoung@gmail.com | (647) 832-0332

Professionalism, perseverance and dedication are all non-negotiable values that
run my relationships with my clients.

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What I do

Listen to client needs and developer’s offering.


How I do it

By building connections and asking questions.

Why I do it

To facilitate great communities.

My Philosophy

In helping others, you are positively influencing their lives and your own. By creating communities, no time is wasted when helping those around you, especially in finding that perfect place to call home. I have dedicated myself to this business and therefore have devoted myself to my clients and doing everything in my power to find exactly what they are looking for.

Listening and Connecting

I have always strived to do whatever possible to help those around me. I believe that when you are helping others, you are using your time in the best way. Helping people make what is possibly the biggest investment of their lives is my idea of time well spent. With my vast knowledge of the Toronto area, and my passion in the art of real estate, I am certain that I can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

eXp Realty Brokerage

At eXp Realty, our family of agents and brokers build their own businesses. We work, attend classes, strategize, collaborate, innovate, enjoy water-cooler chats, build teams, build unity and share experiences inside of eXp World. Together, we’re leveraging systems and tools in order to grow an international, publicly-traded company.

We are a Worldwide, state of the art technology, Virtual Brokerage. We are one Brokerage for all of Ontario, NOT a franchise. 

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