Toronto is a big city.

The biggest in all of Canada, to be precise. We dwarf Montreal, our second place comrade by population, by at least one million humans. That’s a lot. So when it comes to choosing where to live in this grand city, the options can be a little bit daunting.

I’m not here to tell you which neighbourhoods I personally love, because I don’t know where I love one location more than the other. Everyone you ask will declare that their ‘hood is the best and the great thing about this proclamation is that they’re probably all right!

There are pockets for food-lovers, for avid shoppers, for quiet shut-ins, for party-goers, for lifelong pedestrians and for those who love the outskirts. Here is a comprehensive list of resources to help you decide where you want to lay your head at night.

  • – Let’s start with the obvious – as you search properties here, you will notice that there are several tabs with some basic info for you to fill in, or just type Toronto and it will show you a map
  • ( has a plethora of information about every neighbourhood in hundreds of North American cities. Type in an address, neighbourhood name or city and see how close you are to the local schools, shopping, parks – pretty much anything you may need or want to walk to – but not only that! If you are an avid cyclist, will show you bike routes too!
  • BlogTO ( – want to be in the know with every happening place and upcoming events in the city? Blog TO will tell you what’s cool (and uncool) in our vast metropolis. You may be surprised just how much information is on this site, and how many different topics they cover!
  • Want to get sucked down a very surprising and deeply satisfying educational rabbit hole? Visit the Toronto Public Library neighbourhood archives website! Hit the main page and click on any neighbourhood names you are interested in, or explore the map to find the area you want, and before your eyes will appear a vast array of historic photos, links to books on the area and much more. Before you know it, you’ll be cross-referencing old photos of buildings to current day Google street view images to see what is still standing… not that I’ve ever spent hours doing just that or anything
  • HoodQ ( – This site was designed for Realtors to utilize to create infographics of neighbourhood statistics, but anyone can use it really. It requires a paid subscription but if you’re just planning to explore a little, you can try the 30 day free trial and see if the information provided is what you need. Plug in an address or an area and this program will spit out a very cool and colourful statistical guide – Demographics, walk score, schools within district, parks, local attractions, safety stats, transit route guides – basically all the things you could possibly need or not need to know!

These are but a few of the options to explore our great city! My personal favourite resource?

Hands-on experience! Pick a neighbourhood you’ve heard some things about, hop on the TTC and head out for an adventure. You can read all you want about these places, but sometimes you just need to feel a place to fall in love with it.

If you have questions about any areas of the city, you can always call/ text me! (647) 832-0332

I work all over the place and have my personal favourite hot spots that I can recommend as well.

Don’t be afraid to reach out! 
A short call or text can relieve a lot of stress of where to live.